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Frequently Asked Questions

1. How many staff will there be, and what is the staff/child ratio?

The staff/child ratio depends on the age of the child. The regulations state the following:

Under 2

1 staff member to every 3 children

2 - 3 Years

1 staff member to every 5 children

3 - 5 Years

1 staff member to every 8 children

This is the minimum requirement but we always have at least one floating member of staff to cover.

2. What qualifications will your staff have?

Staff may have NNEB or equivalent i.e. HNC or SVQ 3 or are working towards this. Some staff also have PDA in Early Years or a BA Child and Youth Studies or have or are working towards BA Childhood Practice degree. All staff are mentored initially by a long serving member of staff and all staff are First Aid trained. They also attend other courses relevant to their work. As an organisation we are committed to the continuous professional development of all our staff

3. How do I know my child will be safe and secure?

All our staff, care, domestic and office, undergo enhanced PVG Disclosure checks before they are allowed to be involved with the children. In addition, two personal references and a medical check are taken up prior to starting work with Bee Curious Nursery. All the toys and equipment in the Nursery are of a high quality and regular Risk Assessments on equipment and procedures are carried out to ensure everything is maintained to the highest standard. We carry out termly Fire Drills with the children, so that they become familiar with the routine, and should we have an emergency, we will be able to clear the buildings quickly and safely. Should your child be collected by a someone unknown to staff, (relative, friend etc), staff must be notified immediately, when they will then give you a password to give to this person. We will not release a child to anyone unless we have confirmation from the parent that it is okay to do so. All children's areas can only be entered with a member of staff. The nursery is monitored by CCTV cameras.

4. What activities will the children be doing in the Nursery?

Children are offered a range of different activities throughout the day, which will include creative play, activities to help with numeracy and literacy, construction and problem-solving, story time, dance and movement, rest and relaxation. Focus is on children developing a strong sense of self confidence and social skills. There will also be plenty of opportunity for free play to allow children to be inventive and use their imaginations. A copy of our weekly plan is available. Children are observed and assessed against nationally recognised educational standards following the Curriculum for Excellence.

5. What will the children be given to eat and drink?

Children are offered a carbohydrate-based snack which always includes either a piece of fruit or vegetable and either milk or water to drink. Meals will be homemade and food delivered from a local  Farm Shop.

6. Do I have to provide nappies?

Yes, we ask parents to provide nappies, wipes and cream. We cannot use any products on your child that you have not provided yourself. We will let you have a few days’ notice when they need replenished.

7. What happens if my child is taken ill at the Nursery?

If your child is taken ill at the Nursery, we will contact you immediately. Our staff is trained to give First Aid for minor injuries and we have comprehensive Policies and Procedures in place to deal with more serious emergencies. Should your child have sickness or diarrhoea we have a 48-hour exclusion from nursery from the last bout. Also, if your child has an unexplained rash or a sticky eye they should not attend.

8. What if my child is ill and cannot attend Nursery?

If your child misses Nursery due to illness, unfortunately no refund can be made. In the interest of the other children, it is important that your child is well before returning them to the Nursery. If a child is sick or unable to attend their Nursery session, it is essential that you phone and let staff know the reason of absence before 9:30 am. After this time, staff will phone to inquire about child's whereabouts and will use emergency contacts if home number is unsuccessful. If your child's absence is still not explained the manager will contact the Social Work Department.

9. What happens if I am delayed collecting my child?

Sometimes parents are unavoidably delayed. Please let us know as soon as possible to avoid unnecessary concerns. Arrangements will be made to look after your child until you arrive. In the event that you are consistently late, we will make an additional charge to cover staff costs. If a child has not been picked up at the end of the day and parent/carer cannot be contacted nor the emergency contact, 30 minutes leeway will be given then Social Work Department will be contacted to give advice.

10. If I have a complaint, what should I do?

We always want to hear if you or your child is unhappy with any aspect of the Nursery. Please raise any concerns you have with the individual Managers who will endeavour to resolve your complaint to your satisfaction if possible. Should you still be unhappy, you can take your complaint further by contacting the Care Inspectorate.

11. When is the Nursery open?

We are open Monday to Friday from 8.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m. each day. We are closed for two weeks over Christmas and New Year.

12. What are your charges?

Please refer to the main fees page which can be found under the heading "Fees" on the main menu.

We support the U.N. Convention on the Rights of the Child; the curiosity Approach;
the Montessori and the Reggio Approach and in particular
the following principles and values that underpin all aspects of our work

Values confirming:

Children are unique and should be respected as individuals, 

with rights, needs and views of their own

The right of children to play and its importance in childcare, learning and development

Parents as partners in the children’s care, learning and development

Inclusiveness, individuality, differences and diversity are valued and celebrated

Equality of opportunity for all children and adults

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